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Stellar Nations-Soul Families book – ENGLISH language

If you believe that you are more than what you seem to be. If you are looking for your stellar roots and you want to understand who you really are in your body, soul and spirit, and where all your thoughts, emotions and motivations come from, then this is definitely the book you need! You can find the real purpose of your life and the course of your destiny on this planet, and find perfect answers for most of your questions if you discover the fantastic stellar realms of the thirteen Stellar Nations that play their roles and fulfill their divine fate in the whole of Creation. This exceptionally powerful and unique teaching is a real treasure, especially because this is the very first time in human history on this Planet Earth that this 7th dimensional divine knowledge of the Galactic Akashic Records has been revealed.

And what is more that you can feel the authors’ more than 23 years of spiritual work, very serious research and deep understanding as physicians, clairvoyant spiritual healers and teachers and writers of other three best-selling books behind these beautiful words and you can find real and humble hearts that are the true channels of this divine knowledge and the meanings of more than 230 stars.

This book will surely change your life, and you will understand more than ever about who you really are!

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in the “New Age” category of the 2017 International Excellence

Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards!

Many hundreds of readers have come back to us already confirming that special miracle – which is in accordance with the Stellar Delegation’s promise – that as soon as they touched the book, and then as they entered the starry world it represents, their life seemed to change over completely, in the awe of a mystery, as if they truly entered a heavenly Sanctuary, the light walls of which are decorated by the symbols of ancient, secret and long-forgotten stellar codes, which all speak about them.

Everyone can recognize themselves in the communities of the Soul Families. However, those Lightworkers whose original life plans and destiny codes include the establishment of multidimensional cosmic consciousness on the planet in service of the planetary Ascension will feel the most unquenchable desire to meet the teachings of the Stellar Nations.

The Delegation of the Stellar Nations expressed at the time of the first publication that the future owner of every single book could be seen in advance. And it is outlined in accordance with the Divine Plan when and how one must consciously find the book after certain spiritual preparations. When they are ready to join the initiation and learning experience through which they can become perfectly pure-hearted, aware and conscious participants of the process that is related to the creation of the new energy field of global stellar consciousness they will read it and recognize themselves and their true destiny.

The seeking soul can only resonate to this book when the moment predetermined in their life plan arrives and their own soul begins to express the beautifully inviting melody that comes from the stars, which suddenly opens their inner senses for the understanding of this knowledge. Thus a cosmic remembering process full of miracles may begin.

This book is eternally true and new layers may be revealed each time in reading it again. New lights may shine on the screen of understanding, as if further new particles of our soul are connected to us every time to become the inner lanterns and principles of our spiritual path. Each recognition and cosmic memory can only be revealed to us when we are ready to receive it and to integrate the knowledge and spiritual codes it contains.

Thus it is useful to read this book in a unique way. For the first time, it is important to step into that certain personal remembering sphere, that stellar sanctuary, which the Celestials had already prepared for you. Then you should read this spiritual teaching in your own rhythm, from its beginning to its end, because the galactic history is presented in subsequent chapters, each built on the previous ones, gradually. You can also examine your Antares-Code (explained below) along with it.

After reading the whole book, you should just let the Delegation of the Stellar Nations remain with you and guide you through meditations, dreams, wonderful and cathartic recognitions and situations, maybe through months or years. In the meantime, they might send you different impulses to reread certain chapters. You will find that there will be different details highlighted to you each time.

We wish wonderful and uplifting recognitions and heartfelt experiences to all the Lightworkers who resonate to this teaching and whose destiny includes the meeting of the secret of the stellar codes!

The book is available both in paparback printed version in 2 volumes and in the form of ebook (epub, mobi, pdf).

Readers reviews

This book carries an exceptionally powerful and unique teaching. It invites you to take a magical spiritual journey into the realm of the galactic myths. Unicorns, angels, dragon warriors, winged lions, Pegasus beings, dolphins and whales, fairies and elves, teachers of the Melchizedek consciousness, healing priestesses of the Goddess, messengers of the Christ consciousness and many other mythical beings come to life as realities within ourselves. By the end of this book, each one of us can recognize that these mystical beings are not only participants in our fairy tales and dreams, but they work within us as soul-rays; invisible principles, mission-codes and destiny-shaping stellar forces, which guide our lives.
Volume 1
Volume 2
This extraordinary book outlines the memory of the cosmic history of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, in the mirror of the thirteen Stellar Nations and more than 230 stars. You are awaited by a completely new journey of discovery, something never experienced before – and the final destination is Your true Self! This book is for everyone and it can truly give so much to anyone who has been seeking seriously and walking deeply on the pathway of the soul for a long time.
These wonderful books come with the color pictures of almost 80 constellations, diagrams of star positions, and it is illustrated by Philip Straub’s exceptionally expressive and mythically inspired paintings together with other famous artists.And what is more that you can feel the authors’ more than 23 years of spiritual work, very serious research and deep understanding as physicians, clairvoyant spiritual healers and teachers, and writers of other three best selling books behind these beautiful words, and you can find real and humble hearts that are the true channels of this divine knowledge.
What moves me profoundly in the content of these volumes is the flaming of the eternal inner fire, in which I am still burning too, nearly a hundred years old. I myself also profess: our immortal timeless being is rooted in the skies. The Stargates are real passages between the visible and invisible worlds. The gate of transfiguration is the place of metamorphosis.
These books are tremendously beautiful! They dare to say even the unutterable. 
I recommend it with pure love above figures, bathing all my fellow-beings in the eternal light.
Mária Szepes
Author of the Red Lion

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