Calling You book – ENGLISH language



Calling You book – ENGLISH language


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We would like to announce that our beautiful book ‘Calling You’ has started on its way towards all those hearts and souls all over the world who can be open for the mysterious  Message of the Christ Soul, Mary Magdalene and their new Gospel to help everyone on their way towards Redemption.

The book is available both in exclusive hard cover printed version and in the form of ebook (epub, mobi, pdf).

We happily share with you that our book gained fantastic results on several international Book Contests and became:

• an Award-Winner in the “Spirituality: Inspirational” category of the 2017 Bookvana Awards

an Award-Winning Finalist in the “New Age” category of the 2016 International Book Awards,

• an Award-Winning Finalist in the “New Age” category of the 2017 International Excellence Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards,

• Runner-Up for Best Spiritual Book 2016 Amsterdam Book Festival

• Honorable mention Spiritual Book on 2016 Paris Book Festival,

• Honorable mention Spiritual Book on 2016 New York Book Festival

• and Honorable mention Spiritual Book on 2016  London Book Festival.

Moreover it received a very nice critique from the judges in Bruce Haring’s team at JM Northern Media Book Festivals and from Writer’s Digest judges as well.

Here you can find the introduction of this book:

“The dearly held hope we had carried for a very long time was that the Christ Soul would speak to us again Himself and tell us the stories of His earthly paths, reveal the secrets of His real story; the details of the life and fate of Jesus, His relationship and marriage with Mary Magdalene, their true experiences, all that has been silenced and omitted from the Bible, too – due to the official mind-manipulation by the Church and the Vatican – and teach us by sharing His own inner truth beyond the scripts, dogmas and traditions of the Church.

The revelations of the Christ Soul, the Heavenly apostolic community, the members of the Holy Family and the related initiations already began with our Celebration of Light on 17 August, 2011. The next one and a half years were spent in a special reclusion, as if we had entered the silence of a secret inner cave to make that special mystery happen again in which we could meet the Christ Soul and the members of the Holy Family.

In the birthing of this book, it felt as if the Christ Soul and the members of the Holy Family returned from the stars to entrust us with a long-forgotten gospel. It came to us like an epic woven from the long chain of Light messages, with the purpose of sharing the present-time Message of the Christ Soul with today’s humanity and thus creating a New Gospel. Not instead of the old ones of course, but in addition to them.

Beautiful secrets were revealed, reflecting the real relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene as the fulfilled fate-mirror of an intimate human and spiritual connection. This new perspective on their relationship enables us to understand the motivations of their mission, the personal secrets of their relationship and the mystical depths of the lives that were born from their sacred union.

This book offers an opportunity to immerse in the essence and the inner experience of Christ Consciousness. Of course, the “Christ Consciousness” does not require any religious commitment and it is not the same as the doctrines of traditional Christianity. In fact, it differs from that in many aspects, so this notion of Christ Consciousness should be understood more like a living and practical quality and ability of the heart, which can make a human being capable of operating the attributes of all the Seven Wisdoms of Christ simultaneously, in every minute and every direction of his or her life.
Everyone who comes in contact with this book and intends to complete this initiation pathway will be lifted up in a certain sense into the shelter of the celestial Mystery School residing among the stars of the Big Dipper to experience the secret of the seven mysteries of the Christ Consciousness, step by step, so that the seven Christ seeds should be awakened in his or her heart.
At the end of this journey, you will not be the same person stepping out of the gate – something will be changed forever and healed very deep inside of you. …

Following this spiritual pathway requires you to step up a steep staircase that clearly leads to a Heavenly Temple, shining in golden light. Each chapter is a step of that staircase, so no stair can be skipped or omitted because each step is built upon the other, reflecting a very serious heavenly intention and following the inner laws of an exceptionally powerful initiating pathway. 

The characters of this living book surely will become your loyal companions, guides and masters while the keepers of this Sacred Temple, the messengers of Divine Love and Mercy, lead you home. You will return to the heavenly home of the Christ Soul and the Holy Family where you had probably once belonged too, in your soul, otherwise you would likely not be reading these lines. …

We would like to add that after you have already completed this journey, once or twice, travelling together with us across the pages of this book, then this living book can become your companion. In fact, it can turn into a certain divination tool for you, which you can open to a random page sometimes, when you are searching for the answer to an important question or if you are troubled by doubts or feel weakened in your faith or love. 

This book can be everyone’s because the Grand Master of the collective fate alternative of the Ascension is none other than the Christ Soul, who is working on the redemption of each and every inhabitant of the earth. He comes for all of us, to help us through the mysteries of mercy whether we believe in Him or not.

These lines can be read on many different levels and depths. There will certainly be some who can travel together with us at such a depth that they can almost step into the worlds of the visions we have transmitted and they will let all the memories of those completely into themselves so that they will actually hear the voice of the personal messages sent to them. Others who prefer to observe from a little distance can find it more difficult to believe or understand the realness or truth of the messages, but nonetheless if they allow the meanings of the parables to permeate their hearts for some time, they will start to long for their days being filled with more love, acceptance, trust, generosity, forgiveness, faith and a deeper certainty in the light, and this will change their lives, too. And if the lives of many of us change even a little upon the touch of the Seven Wisdoms, then we will have changed our whole world and tilted it towards the dominance of the Light. And then we will start to act like the flame of burning soul-torches, which sheds light on the shadow places so that the good news of the arrival of the Light should dawn even in the dark.”

Let us be together the true hearted messengers of this sacred teaching and let’s create together that this Gospel of the Heart reach as many people on this planet as it can.

Love and blessings to you all

dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Parameters of the book:


788 pages,

illustrated with beautiful color pictures

Language: ENGLISH

Price: 30 USD

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Chapter 1: The Christ Soul in the Mirror of the Stars

Chapter 2: Mara-Mary’s Story and Mary’s Christianity on Lemuria

Chapter 3: Mary’s Message about the “Thorns”

Chapter 4: The Story of the First Earthly Incarnation of the Christ Soul

Chapter 5: The Embodiment of another Soul Ray

Chapter 6: Mary’s Secret about the Conception and Childbirth

Chapter 7: The Mirror of the Weakness of the Apostolic Community

Chapter 8: Entering the Initiating Path of the Mystery School of the Big Dipper – the Stellar Mirror of Dubhe – Brigitta’s Story

Chapter 9: The Second Pillar of the Initiating School of the Big Dipper – the Stellar Mirror of Megrez – Theresa’s Story

Chapter 10: The Third Pillar of the Initiating School of the Big Dipper – the Stellar Mirror of Merak – Father Piedro’s Story

Chapter 11: The Fourth Pillar of the Initiating School of the Big Dipper – the Stellar Mirror of Phecda – Lorenzo’s Story

Chapter 12: Mary Magdalene’s Early Years and the Story of the Divine Couple’s First Meeting

Chapter 13: The Fifth Pillar of the Initiating School of the Big Dipper – the Stellar Mirror of Mizar – The Secret of the Resurrection

Chapter 14: The Birth of the First Divine Child

Chapter 15: Jerome’s Story – The Warriors of the Pathway of Christ

Chapter 16: Under the Secret Shelter of the Island

Chapter 17: The Messenger of Divine Love across the Footprints on the Seashore

Chapter 18: The Arrival of the Grail Prince…

Chapter 19: The New Baptism

Chapter 20: The Voice of Divine Will

Chapter 21: The Sixth Pillar of the Initiating School of the Big Dipper – the Stellar Mirror of Alioth – Redemption of All Sins

Chapter 22: The Seventh Pillar of the Initiating School of the Big Dipper – the Stellar Mirror of Mizar and Alkaid – Entering the Kingdom of God

Chapter 23: The Mystery of the Golden Mirror – the Secret Sacral Tool of the Heart-Consciousness

Appendix I – The Mystical Story of Our Ancient Lemurian Island of the Stars – Aion-Ara-Celest-Thé-Om

Appendix II – Introduction of the Other Books and Meditation CDs by the Authors

About the Authors

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We lay this diamond-shining soul-treasure before you with the deepest faith of our soul and the true love of our heart. Its infinite pureness and sacredness requires one to take full responsibility for respecting the knowledge of the secrets revealed by the Voice herein.

So we ask that you respect this book and its contents with the same depth of humility and dependability that we have carried. Treat it well and never under any circumstances abuse it and thus become unworthy of carrying these secrets! Because this is the only way the light of the Diamond Heart of Christ can shine through you and the only way that the miraculous healing power of the treasures entrusted upon you will be able to change your life completely through the Mysteries of Mercy revealed herein.

May your journey be blessed and filled with wonderful miracles!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Calling You book – ENGLISH language

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