There are certain moments in life we can never forget. And there are meetings that accompany us for a lifetime. But further to these, there are touches that change and open our hearts for real. Even if we haven’t been raised this way and even if we happened to be born as boys. This book is so captivating that it affects our intellect and emotions all at once. We can find incredibly rich knowledge and wisdom in it beyond the fact that its language and style seems as though heavenly messengers and fairies were speaking to us.

This might be the reason why the understanding and receiving of its contents happens not in our head but in our hearts and souls. This wisdom cannot be argued, it cannot be questioned.

That would simply make no sense. Because deep inside, in the bottom of our hearts, we all feel that each line of it is true. In today’s world, when credibility is bleeding from so many wounds – this is an exceptional Treasure.

Zsolt L.

If you let your heart be touched – you find the way home in the multiplicity of your being.

Your soul is filled with joy and certainty, it reawakens in this way again and again,

gains new strength and cradles its destiny-path into itself.

This teaching is a Blessing – its light will become your own, in which each of your step will be familiar!

Travellers’ treasure it is – source and origin, which guides you towards the answers hidden in your being.


I just call Stellar Nations the Miracle Book. Miracle because it guides you to the deepest core of your being. And it is a miracle also because not only do you gain more knowledge about yourself, but also about others. And it is an even greater treasure because you come to understand the working of not only this world, but the entire universe. And the greatest magic is that once you integrate stellar consciousness, you will not be able to live without it.


Through these teachings, I could meet the most hidden corners of my soul in such depths that I could never reach before. Finally I dare to be myself in front of anybody, whoever I am, together with my shadows, as well as the part of myself that lives in the light. I am able to live, love and accept myself and this is the greatest gift I could receive from Fate.

R. D.

This Book lifts us up into wonderful heights, it carries deep correspondences, and it emanates infinite Wisdom, Experience, Love and Life.

You can get to know Yourself, the Universe, our Galaxy, our story, the beings who live here, from the tiniest ones to the greatest stars, as never before. In the meantime you can begin to remember who you are, where you have come from and where you belong to; and how miraculous this world is, including Gaia, as envisioned by our Creator.

I recommend it with honest love to all the dear readers!

Sz. P.

The greatest treasure on the pathway which leads us towards knowing our own selves is to regain our memories. There is no greater miracle, than when I can lift the emerging pieces of these memory pieces into my heart and upon burning the experience through my soul – on the Planet of Redemption – I can turn it into Life, drop by drop.

This pathway is not easy, but having stepped onto it and living in it I can only encourage all future readers to open their hearts and entrust themselves to the wise and brilliant guidance of this book.

With inexpressible gratitude and infinite love,


“It guides you to the wisdom of the heart, which enables your self-recognition to become more and more complete! Trust and you will reach your infinity, which touches your heart – and all your treasures inside – you will find Home!”

Sz. K.

The book of Stellar Nations – Soul Families invites us to a special journey within. Not only does it speak to your mind, but also to your soul. As you travel through the mythical tales of the different nations, the “mist of oblivion” will slowly dissolve. The path will be revealed, which your soul has completed already and the memories start to emerge within you. You can be deeply healed by the wonderful recognitions and you can get close to the state of “I am that I am”. With the help of your stellar codes, you can find your place and purpose in the world and this is an incomparable Soul-treasure!

J. T.

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