About the Question of Free Versus Remuneration

When we invited Lightworkers to join our larger group in working with our meditation CD “Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge, a question emerged from some people. There were a few who expressed indignation at the fact that this CD – or any of our other CDs, and esoteric services in general – cannot be acquired for free; at least not in a legal and ethical way.

We would really like this feeling to not overshadow the use of our meditations, so we decided to share our point of view concerning this. We know this response very well … There are still people in esoteric circles, working as healers, alternative therapists, clairvoyants, who proclaim to give everything for free and to work only for the sake of humanity. They claim to do this because they feel they have been gifted so abundantly with so much from Heaven.

In the mirror of the teachings of the Stellar Nations however, we know very precisely that this is a symptom of the classic “Bear-disease”, a result of medieval Christian programming which forces one into self-deceptive and hypocritical cycles of pursuing the illusion of being good and righteous. It is also the legacy of the cycles of penitence, in which the helper tries to propitiate their fate by offering what they perceive as a necessary service to atone for his or her ancient karmic patterns and sense of guilt. (We wrote about this in our book titled “The Galactic and Earthly Keys of the Mystery of Final Redemption”)

Yet it is very important to be aware that people who emphasize that they are the only truly pure and selfless souls, because they heal and help others for free, are walking on a very dangerous path in a latent way. When we see these relationship patterns through clairvoyance, it becomes immediately clear that with this approach they actually create an energetic debt that burdens the people they help. With this kind of relationship, they chain their clients to themselves; they make their patients obliged. If this continues for long enough, the people who turn to them for help become locked into a relationship of dependency.

The misguided healers feed their own – often injured – egos from these relationships. The illusion of goodness is a very hungry misconception indeed. It tries to surround itself with many souls so that it may gloriously shine in the gratitude and attachment of people, while it actually feeds on their energy. Moreover, as the ego of the “helper” grows stronger, it tends to promote this pattern of perceived “success” and demands the same from other souls as well.

For most clients of healers who are oriented in this way, this situation eventually becomes uncomfortable because on some level they feel that they are indebted to their so-called therapist or teacher. As a result, they try to overcompensate for this unbalanced situation somehow. In this cycle the energetic system of dependency or attachment usually becomes stronger.

We disagree with this relationship pattern and we want to create perfectly clean situations, in which the simple principle of balanced energy exchange prevails.

In today’s world, it is especially true that nothing is offered for free – except perhaps for breathing air – so it is natural to pay some price for everything we need and long for.

We personally also know what a great financial, spiritual, human and time sacrifice it takes to produce each and every book and meditation CD. We have never received anything for free, not even from Heaven, thus we cannot give it for free either.

People who claim that it is one’s right to access knowledge in the spiritual sphere without any effort and sacrifice, for free, are really only at the very beginning of their journey. They have only seen and understood very little from the laws and principles of Creation. At this stage there is a typical personality disorder and serious ego problem, which can be very annoying and destructive. It is the attitude of “I deserve it”.  Cosmic Law shows us that no one ever deserves anything just like that, upon one’s own right, for free. Everyone has to work for true attainment and we all have to earn and deserve the spiritual treasures and knowledge that we receive. This comes through humbleness and inner work. In fact, it is this humility and the inner work that makes the ground of our being receptive to the seeds of Spiritual Grace and growth.

The people who do not make any sacrifice, who do not dedicate money to legally buy a meditation CD for example, instead search for it on internet sites, where other people like them have already stolen and uploaded the illegal files violating the copyrights of the authors, musicians, producers etc. They often do not like to pay for books either – they rather borrow them, maybe not even returning them. Or they search for them in e-libraries, where there are usually mostly illegal contents, including our books which have been offered in these e-libraries illegally.

Sometimes they do not go to the cinema, but rather look for the files of illegally decoded and uploaded movies. With the attitude that “they deserve everything for free” and that they are beating “the system” they do not notice or consider that the price of this gratuitousness is that they are committing an act of thievery. They rob the creators and authors, leaving them without any recompense at all. This attitude prevails with those who take whatever they need, whatever they claim to deserve. So it is no surprise that in today’s world, artists, musicians and intellectual creators who highly enrich the world with the values they create, are starving or striving to survive. This situation imperils the creative gifts that we do receive from our talented human brethren.

It must be recognized that knowledge and information gained in this way can never create Light. True development or healing cannot happen in people who hold this kind of attitude and they cannot truly help others. Those who expressed their disapproval of the price of our “Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge” meditation CD for example, did not consider that in thinking that they freely deserve the Mer-Akai protective shield and the possibility of joining the Ascension Bridge, they are actually expecting us and other Light Emissaries to make sacrifices instead of them. In effect this is asking that we lift them together with us with our own efforts. This is not the attitude of a mature and responsible Light Emissary. We believe in the cosmic principle of remuneration, and equal energy exchange, because this is what balances our world and keeps it in the frames of universal order.

Since our present world is built on the energetic exchange of money, we have to pay money for studio equipment and studio time, for purchasing copyrights of background music, for the CD’s, for the graphic design of the covers, and then for the press production, not to mention the high production costs of our illustrated books. And yet it only takes a moment to steal and download them from somewhere. If we happened to trade with pebbles instead of money and if we could pay for electricity, water and gas services with pebbles, we would also be really happy to receive nice pebbles in return of our products!

And finally it is very important to understand that this theme reveals a poison that comes from false belief systems and old emotional and mental programs. We must not allow the poison of this thought system to prevail because this allows the forces that oppose Light to prevail. When this happens, even the community of Light Emissaries are challenged in joining together to come into the pure flow of love that is necessary to change the direction of the current processes.

So let us not fall for this destructive influence, but let’s follow the inner calling and the voice of our conscience! The teachings of the Stellar Nations have wonderfully and clearly explained that there is an amazingly special and unique fate working in each and every being, which we have all come to fulfill along our stellar codes on the level of our spirit, soul and body. We should respect this in one another and we should not rob each other, but return the flow of energy back for the values that are created and received!

This is really a very simple situation. It is not obligatory for anyone to connect to the Mer-Akai Meditation process. One should only join if they long for it with all their hearts and if they want to make their own sacrifices for it. If one feels that this meditation is not worth the small amount of $15 then they should definitely NOT BUY IT and they should not work with it, because they are actually not even ready for this work. They will surely find other tools and means that will make them happy and content.

No one has to follow our path, it is only for those who truly feel resonance in their hearts. One needs to follow the voices of guidance with pure love, because we believe that this is the only way we can create an unbroken unity.

At the same time, we have also clearly stated in our newsletter related to the Mer-Akai meditation that if someone works in a group – with four members say – or as members of a bigger community, then it is enough for them to purchase one CD only and they can work with it together to participate in this special journey. Thus the actual sacrifice made for this can even be just a few dollars. Those who want to work with the meditation on a frequent basis and want to extend the protection of the meditation towards family and other loved ones with this process, should purchase the CD.

We hope this sincere message will reach everyone and touch hearts in a way that together all who resonate with the Stellar Codes of our work and engage with our work will progress

on the pathway of Light, designated by the Celestials, to create the united dream of the Ascension!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó

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